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Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Opens Up About Everything

Jenni Ryall
SYDNEY — The first female prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, has come out of hiding for a no-holds-barred interview on her former leadership. In 2010, Gillard ousted Kevin Rudd as leader of the Labor Party in Australia and rose unopposed to become Australia's Prime Minister. See also: A Farewell to Kings Cross: Our Friend, Our Enemy, Our Wild Times It was a volatile reign, marred by party in-fighting, devastating polling and detrimental leaks. In 2013, Rudd got his revenge. He instigated a spill which saw him reinstated as Prime Minister of Australia. Yet, he couldn't hold it together and the party was dropped in favour of the opposition, the Liberal Party, in the 2013 election. Read more...More about Australia, Us World, Politics, Prime Minister, and Julia Gillard

5 Things Managers Should Never Say Aloud

The Daily Muse
In a perfect world, supervisors would be cool under pressure and the perfect source of inspiration — and always say the right thing at exactly the right time. But if you're in that type of role, you know that in reality, that usually doesn't happen. Management is chaotic. People — employees, managers, customers, and everyone in between — are unpredictable, situations escalate, and in the heat of the moment, it's easy to let something not so appropriate slip out, without even realizing it. As a supervisor myself, I had plenty of those moments. And it usually wasn't until the end of the day that I'd realize, "I probably shouldn't have said that." Read more...More about Business, Jobs, and Career Advice

Real Estate Startup LevelRE Undercuts Standard Commissions By Up to 66%

Todd Wasserman
If you've ever sold your house, you know the 6% commission that realtors charge can net out to tens of thousands of dollars for the average home. Now, a startup is taking a hatchet to that standard fee. LevelRE, which launches this week, offers a 1% commission for sellers. If you connect to a buyer's agent, then you'll pay 4% on a sale. If you sell your house on your own, you just have to pay the 1% It's an attractive proposition, especially since the 1% lets you list your house on popular sites like and Zillow. The site also lets you retain the services of agents for consulting (like on what to price your house) for a fee which is refundable if you don't sell your house. When you list your house, LevelRE also sends contracted pro photographers to shoot it for free. (The company will also rebate its 1% commission if you work with a LevelRE agent. That deal only applies if you use a buyer's agent for the other end of the transaction.) Read more...More about Real Estate, Startups, Business, and Levelre