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Survey: Most Americans Would Consider Buying Self-Driving Cars

Katie Nelson
The United States is warming up to the idea of self-driving cars Most Americans would consider purchasing a self-driving car, according to a study by The survey polled 2,000 licensed drivers, divided evenly between men and women, and found that 75% of are more apt to embrace driverless cars, in part because of the gradual increase in hands-free technology being added, such as Bluetooth-enabled voice control See also: 8 Big Questions About Google's Self-Driving Car "People are aware that they already drive cars controlled partly by computers," Des Toups,'s managing editor, wrote in a statement. "Now, they see features like collision avoidance on new models and hear about Google cars hitting the roads in a couple of yearsAn autonomous car is not science fiction anymore." Read more...More about Google, Self Driving Car, Tech, Gadgets, and Us

Inside Our New Nerdy Obsession 'The Quest'

Sandra Gonzalez
Everealm, the fictional setting of ABC's new fantasy-meets-reality TV experiment The Quest, is a land under siege. But a prophecy predicts the kingdom will find salvation in one True Hero, to be picked from a lot of 12 strangers from another land. The actual identity of said hero is to be determined — and it's also the whole point of the show. See also: The Cute and the Crazy: 32 Scenes From Comic-Con Day 1 "We took a typical challenge-challenge-elimination reality show format and plopped it down in the middle of a movie," executive producer Rob Eric tells Mashable. "We said, 'How do we merge these two?'" Read more...More about Tv, Television, Entertainment, and The Quest

Stephen Colbert Buys ''

Max Knoblauch
Stephen Colbert wants in on Sarah Palin's new pay-to-watch channel. The former governor of Alaska recently launched her online subscription channel, which will cover "the ideas Washington doesn't want you to hear." Colbert, in his signature satirical way, poked fun at the idea on The Colbert Report. See also: Would You Pay $100 a Year to Hear What Sarah Palin Has to Say? Colbert mocked the Palin channel's $9.95 per month subscription cost, comparing it with Netflix's cheaper subscription model, adding, "It's just as good as House of Cards, with even more threatening monologues into camera." After calling the Palin's online venture, "a safe space where like-minded folks can hear something they already agree with from someone whose opinion they already know," Colbert revealed his own new subscription channel, "Stephen Colbert's Angry Echo Chamber." Read more...More about Videos, Comedy, Sarah Palin, Stephen Colbert, and Politics