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Hungary suspends Internet tax after huge protests

Tim Chester
Hungary's prime minister says the government will suspend a planned tax on Internet usage and reconsider the matter next year after backlash Two protests within the past week attended by tens of thousands of people were sparked by a scheme to make Internet service providers pay 150 forints ($0.62) per gigabyte of Internet traffic, later proposed to be capped at different monthly rates for individual and business users. See also: What it looks like when 100,000 people rally for Internet freedom Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Friday the tax will not be introduced because "people have questioned the rationality" of the measure, but added the government will hold a national consultation from mid-January about regulating and taxing the Internet. Read more...More about Protests, Us World, World, Hungary, and Internet Tax

Chef Jamie Oliver shuts cooking schools without warning

Blathnaid Healy
LONDON — Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, known for his TV shows that encourage cooking from scratch and his global campaigns for healthier food, has closed two of his London cookery school stores, giving staff and customers little notice that he was shutting shop. In a note placed in shop windows and on the company's website, Recipease says it's closing all but one of its cookery stores in London, however it fails to give a reason for the decision. Described as Oliver's "food and kitchen shop where anyone can learn to cook and make great food", Recipease opened the first of its London stores in Feb 2009, followed by a second in Brighton in May that year. As well offering cookery classes, it also sold a range of ready-to-cook food Read more...More about Uk, Restaurants, Jamie Oliver, Business, and World

Topshop's skinny mannequin pissed off a lot of people

Tim Chester
LONDON — Topshop has found itself at the centre of controversy this week after a shopper tweeted a photo of an in-store mannequin with long, skinny legs Becky Hopper posted a photo of her friend, who is a size 8 - 10 (4 - 6 in the U.S.), next to the dummy with the hashtag #poorbodyimage. Her tweet has been retweeted more than 8,000 times. See also: Retail Mannequins Spy on You While You Shop Text of tweet here — BeckyLHopper October 27, 2014 Hopper has since been inundated with messages, most of which were supportive, while a minority accused her of body shaming slimmer girls, a charge she has refuted on her blog. The tweet has inspired others on Twitter to post similar pictures. Read more...More about Uk, Twitter, Topshop, Us World, and World