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USB Type-C will turn your phone into a battery pack to charge other phones

Raymond Wong
Here's yet another reason to embrace the new reversible USB Type-C port. It was only mentioned in passing at the Google I/O developers conference, but Google announced the ability for smartphones running Android M with USB Type-C (Apple simply calls it USB-C) ports to recharge other smartphones. The potential here is enormous. See also: 10 ways to squeeze more battery life from your Android phone Your phone's battery can be used like an external battery pack for other devices. With a two-way USB Type-C cable, you could quickly "lend" a friend's dying smartphone some quick powerSmartwatches could also adopt USB Type-C ports instead of using proprietary wireless charging docks and be recharged from your smartphone when they're running low on power. Read more...More about Android, Battery, Tech, Gadgets, and Mobile

Struggling talk show host Conan O'Brien put his studio on Airbnb

Tricia Gilbride
Airbnb is a great way to make a little extra cash on the side by trusting a stranger to sleep in your home. And if you happen to be a television host, you can supplement your income by renting out your show's studio for the night Conan O'Brien is offering up the cozy, pre-war rafters of his studio on Airbnb for the nights of June 3-4 for the ultimate glamorous Hollywood experience. See also: Why you should think twice before trusting Airbnb reviews Image: AirBnb"Are you a fan of rafters built in 1927?" the listing tempts. "Do you admire the kind of craftsmanship that only existed for a brief moment between the two World Wars?" Read more...More about Contest, Comedian, Conan, Late Night, and Airbnb

Jon Stewart kicks FIFA where it hurts

Neha Prakash
First, John Oliver took down FIFA, and now it's Jon Stewart's turn. The Daily Show host ran a segment on Wednesday night devoted to the corruption charges brought against 14 officials of the organization and, more importantly, why it took 24 years to expose them. See also: 8 WTF moments from FIFA's bizarro opening ceremony Stewart's segment was filled with zinger after zinger, which we've highlighted a few here, for your FIFA-mocking convenience: "FIFA is so bad they got arrested by the Swiss." "You know you’re corrupt when the indictment ends with ‘and so on.'" "Americans may not watch soccer, but we will gladly, nay, enthusiastically finance and launder its dirty, dirty money." Read more...More about Viral Videos, The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, Fifa, and Tv