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All the rainfall records that have been broken in the southern Plains so far

Andrew Freedman
The epic weather whiplash event that has caused the southern Plains states, particularly Oklahoma and Texas, to go from drought conditions to flooding in just three weeks has broken numerous all-time rainfall records Oklahoma, for example, will likely have its wettest month of any on record. The same can be said for Oklahoma City and other communities there and in the Lone Star State See also: The anatomy of catastrophe in Flash Flood Alley, Texas Here is a running list of the rainfall records that have been broken so far, along with some nifty scientific charts that tell the story, courtesy of meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Read more...More about Texas, Us World, Us, Oklahoma, and Climate

Apple sends WWDC invites, likely for iOS 9 and new Mac software debut

Samantha Murphy Kelly
Apple sent out invites on Wednesday to the keynote presentation at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, where the company is expected to reveal what's in store for its next-generation iPhone and Mac software. It will likely provide a clear look at what software is coming soon to Apple products. The tagline reads "the epicenter of change" in a box surrounded by shapes and colors. See also: Apple is bringing Force Touch to the iPhone, another report claims Apple's annual WWDC will take place in San Francisco starting on June 8 and will run until June 12. Each year, Apple developers and analysts flock to the event to learn more about how to use iOS and OS tools to build apps and other products. Read more...More about Mobile, Apps, Apple, Wwdc, and Tech

An iPhone bug is making phones crash when a certain text is sent

Ronald Chavez
A newly discovered iOS bug is crashing iPhones and leaving users without access to the Messages app. Users who receive a mysterious string of characters in a text are noticing their Messages app will consequently crash, and in some cases, the phone will automatically reboot, according to 9to5Mac. The issue was first posted to Reddit. See also: 7 Ways to Preserve Your Battery Life on iOS 8 The text is partially in Arabic and includes unicode. It's not so much about what the text says, but rather how Apple's iOS handles the unicode sequence Image: Reddit, aus10_t8umPeople who are sending the sequence are likely doing so either as a joke or with nefarious intent to lock the recipient's Messages app and block incoming texts. It’s not limited to communications between iPhones; a normal SMS text can trigger the bug, as well Read more...More about Iphone, Apple, Tech, Apps Software, and Mobile