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Dean Norris Was Trapped in a Dome With Mashable at Comic-Con

Sandra Gonzalez
Comic-Con is a strange place. You can find yourself lining up for the bathroom alongside a stormtrooper, eating a stale pretzel next to a zombie, or in our case, trapped under a dome with one of the coolest guys on TV Dean Norris, who is arguably best known for his role as DEA agent Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad, spends his current days on CBS' Under the Dome, where he plays Big Jim, a man whose heart is in the right place, but whose brain is a little murdery See also: 'Under the Dome' Meets 'As the World Turns' in Hilarious Spoof Videos When we caught up with Norris at Comic-Con, he talked about bringing the show to the biggest fan fest on planet Earth, and gave tips to anyone who wants to pull off a Big Jim costume next year Read more...More about Television, Comic Con, Entertainment, Tv, and Under The Dome

Super-Fast Battery Pack Can Fully Charge Your Phone in 15 Minutes

Adario Strange
While electronics manufacturers continue to push the limits of how much innovation they can stuff into smartwatches, smartphones and even Bluetooth headphones, one challenge still hampers all of these devices: battery life We haven’t quite solved the problem of ever-waning battery life on our mobile gadgets, but one new device may be a game changer UNU's Ultrapak is a battery pack for smartphones and tablets that can deliver a full charge to devices after just 15 minutes of charging itself up. This means that as long as users are carrying their Ultrapak, and can spare at least a quarter of an hour, they'll never have to worry about running out of power again Read more...More about Tech, Gadgets, and Mobile

Deadmau5 Takes Rob Ford on a Coffee Run in His Nyan Cat Ferrari

Anita Li
TORONTO — Rob Ford and Deadmau5 went on a coffee run together, proving opposites really do attract. The unlikely duo traveled to a local Tim Hortons drive-thru in Toronto earlier this week, and all 30 glorious minutes were caught on video. Deadmau5, a Canadian electronic musician based in the city, posted a YouTube clip of himself driving the embattled Toronto mayor around in his Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari See also: 'Rob Ford The Musical' Hopefuls Do Their Best Impressions in 6 Seconds Among their conversational topics: the "Purrari," football, mayoral governance, traffic, the game of Risk and potholes on Toronto's roads. For most of the video, Ford and Deadmau5 get along swimmingly, with the mayor bursting out in occasional fits of laughter. Read more...More about Deadmau5, Music, World, Watercooler, and Videos