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2 Ukrainian Military Jets Shot Down Near MH17 Crash Site

Amanda Wills
This is a developing story... Two of Ukraine's military fighter jets have been shot down in the embattled eastern part of the country, according to its Defense Ministry The jets were reportedly shot down over Saur-Mogila, which is just 20 miles from where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down less than a week ago The Sukhoi-25 fighter jet may have been carrying up to two crew members each, says Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky. The Defense Ministry also has preliminary information that two pilots ejected from the aircraft, but most likely landed in territory "controlled by members of illegal armed groups." Read more...More about Ukraine

Movie News Still Rules Comic-Con. Here's What You'll See This Year

Josh Dickey
SAN DIEGO — It's been said that TV is taking over Comic-Con — that the movie studios that shoved comic books out of the spotlight years ago are losing their grip, as shows like Game of Thrones absorb attention and set up shop in Hall H. But when the lights go down in Hall H for say, Warner Bros., or Fox, or especially Disney/Marvel ... that's still the No. 1 reason more than 6,000 people spend the money, camp out overnight and line up to cram the giant room: to be among the first to hear the news, and the precious few to see the teasers, trailers and sizzle reels the studios bring here See also: 5 Biggest Moments in Comic-Con History Read more...More about Movies, Dc Comics, Marvel, Comic Con, and Entertainment

Facebook Q2 Earnings: What to Expect

Seth Fiegerman
Two years after its turbulent IPO, Facebook is riding high. It has more than one billion monthly active users on mobile and mobile ads now account for the vast majority (59% as of last quarter) of total ad revenue, proving its successful transition to mobile. Its 1.2 billion-plus user base looks more impressive every time someone publishes an article about Twitter's user growth slowing at the 250 million mark. And the stock is hovering around $70 a share, approaching its all-time high The question now, ahead of Facebook's second quarter earnings report on Wednesday. is how much the social network can supercharge its revenue through new and existing ad products Read more...More about Facebook, Stocks, and Business