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Cosplayer's Groot Costume Is Amazingly Impressive

Max Knoblauch
You aren't Groot, this guy is. Lee Hurley, a sculptor attending Dragon Con in Atlanta, has created a perfect and totally wearable Groot costume. At a convention renowned for excellent cosplay, Hurley is standing out like, you know, a tree. See also: How to Make Your Own Dancing Baby Groot Hurley told Mashable in a Facebook message that he's been constructing the costume for approximately three months, well before Guardians of the Galaxy was even released in theaters. So far, he's had no issues with the costume other than some velcro on the boots needing to be glued. Take a look at Hurley's costume, below: Read more...More about Entertainment, Film, Watercooler, Pics, and Cosplay

Apple Wins Patent on Transparent Cube Store Design

Adario Strange
Those dreams of massive cities full of beautiful Apple store-style glass cube buildings? They've been officially been smashed Apple has won a patent on its glass cube building design, effectively guaranteeing that the only see-through cube buildings you'll see in U.S. cities — at least the ones that look like Apple stores — will be property of Apple See also: 14 Tiny Houses That Make Simple Living Stylish Discovered by Apple Insider, the patent document reveals that the design patent, filed in October 2012, was officially granted on Aug. 26 of this year. It lists late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as one of the design's inventors. Read more...More about Apple, Design, Patents, Architecture, and Tech

15 Big Dogs T-Shirts That Typify '90s Dad Humor

Colin Gorenstein
If you can't handle dad humor, stay out of this post This hacky joke formula was gold back in the '90s, and was solidified after being tacked onto an XL Big Dogs tee See also: 100 Terrible Band Names That Should Never Leave the Garage You haven't forgotten about those, right? As a refresher: Each t-shirt offered a catchphrase that someone — probably a dude with a soul patch — dreamt up in a hazy poker room between cigar puffs. Many of the catchphrases built off existing popular phrases or cliches. But more importantly, they seemed built just for a stereotypical, hyper-masculinized representation of "Dad": BBQ, money, beer, poker, power, laziness Read more...More about Lists, Humor, T Shirts, Weird, and Watercooler