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The NFL just can't let go of Marshawn Lynch's crotch

Sam Laird
When it comes to Marshawn Lynch's crotch, it seems neither he nor the NFL can simply let it go Lynch was fined $20,000 by the league last Thursday for a post-touchdown celebratory crotch grab in the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 18. That disciplinary action quickly backfired on the league this weekend after it was discovered that a photo of the very crotch grab that drew the fine was available for sale on the NFL website for $150 Meanwhile, the NFL has warned Lynch's Seahawks that a similar celebration in Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX will result in a 15-yard penalty. (One can only hope the referee would signal that penalty by grabbing his own crotch at midfield.) Read more...More about Nfl, Super Bowl, Entertainment, and Sports

24 animals that hate snow more than you

Brian Koerber
Every time it snows, the Internet is bombarded with adorable animals enjoying the frozen precipitation. But just because that cute Husky loves frolicking in the fresh powder, that doesn't mean all pets can appreciate the wintery weather, especially cats See also: 11 miserable snowmen not made for this cold world So, if you see snow start to fall and think to yourself "this is the worst thing that can possibly happen," just know that you are in cute company. But please, Internet — keep your pets safe and warm when Instagramming snowstorms. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...More about Lists, Funny, Snow, Watercooler, and Pics

7 suburban snow hacks to help you survive the storm

Lance Ulanoff
Blizzards, like the one we’re facing in the Northeast chunk of the U.S., light up two distinctly different parts of my psyche. One is the eager child who imagines climbing hills of snow and building monumental crystalline sculptures. The other is the wary suburban adult, who knows this whole thing is nothing but trouble. Here, I speak to my fellow suburbanites with a host of suburban snow hacks that could make any blizzard a little less blustery. See also: Live: Crippling blizzard heads for NYC and New England Don’t park under a tree Heavy snow snaps tree limbs in 2010.Image: Flickr, vastateparksstaff Read more...More about Us World, Us, Climate, and Blizzard Of 2015