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Oh balls: People will never let Ed Balls forget his amazing Twitter fail

Tim Chester
LONDON — Once upon a time a politician called Ed Balls accidentally tweeted his own name, Ed Balls, to thousands of followers. See also: Election 404: Which UK political party has the best error page? It wasn't a massive balls up but of course everyone pounced, retweeting and favouriting the offending message with abandon. Here's the tweet. Ed Balls — Ed Balls (@edballsmp) April 28, 2011 It was posted four years ago, and now Apr 28 has become Ed Balls Day, or #EdBallsDay. Morning all and Happy Ed Balls Day. Just spotted this at Balham#EdBallsDay — Andy Lang (@HRH_Duke_of_Url) April 28, 2015 Read more... More about Politics, Watercooler, Memes, Ed Balls, and Ed Balls Day

Friendly advice for anyone discouraged by the job hunt

The Daily Muse
Working for The Muse means that I have a lot of friends coming to me for job search advice. (It also means unlimited vacation time and Whisky Fridays, but that's an article for a different day.) And while every situation is different, there are a few things I find myself saying over and over. Especially to people who have a few jobs on their resume and don't exactly remember the job search basics. So no, none of this advice is rocket science — in fact, a lot of it is common sense. But it's also exactly the kind of stuff that is easy to forget when you're in the thick of it and panicking about landing a new job fast Read more...More about Job Search, Job Hunt, Business, Jobs, and Career Advice

14 photos of people being ridiculously excited that the royal baby is nearly here

Tim Chester
LONDON — The nondescript area outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London has been splashed with reds, whites and blues for the past couple of weeks as a hardcore contingent of royalists have set up shop in preparation for Kate Middleton's second baby. See also: Duchess meets 'Downton': What happened when TV royalty met actual royalty The Duchess of Cambridge is now reported to be 40 weeks pregnant, and with speculation that she could give birth on her fourth anniversary (Apr. 29), excitement for a loyal few is reaching fever pitch. Flags, bunting, dedicated septuagenarians, a superfan who camped out for the royal wedding and gave up his job to follow the Diana inquest, and one spectacular piece of artwork featuring a donkey are among the sights outside the central London hospital. Read more...More about Uk, London, Royal Family, Kate Middleton, and Us World