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'Hocus Pocus' Was Originally Titled 'Disney's Haunted House'

Yohana Desta
There's still a world of facts we don't know about Hocus Pocus. For instance, it wasn't even going to be called Hocus Pocus. Originally, it was titled Disney's Haunted House, says Mick Garris, the film's writer and co-executive producer, in an interview with Mashable. It was supposed to go straight to TV, as part of the Disney Channel Original Movie series. But it had a bigger future, unbeknownst to Garris at the time. The horror kingpin and Hollywood multi-hyphenate has got a lot under his belt right now, recently co-executive producing Unbroken, the upcoming war film directed by Angelina Jolie. He's also writing two new books, and creating three new TV series Read more...More about Movies, Disney, Features, Halloween, and Entertainment

1,000 Hungry Polar Bears Assemble for Annual Migration

Brian Koerber
You're no longer allowed to complain that there's nothing to watch on TV or Neflix — the polar bears are back.'s live streams capture the annual migration of polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada — a.k.a. The Polar Bear Capitol of the World — and they're now available for your nature-loving viewing pleasure See also: Meet the Filmmaker Who Is Installing Live Cams All Over the World The cameras are strategically placed to watch the adorable, yet deadly bears as they anxiously wait for Hudson Bay to freeze. It is estimated that nearly 1,000 bears will gather for the event, so they can begin hunting seals and other marine mammals Read more...More about Ugc, Animals, Live Stream, Explore.Org, and Watercooler

When Hipster Style Meets High Fashion, Everything Is Ironic

Yohana Desta
Irony is so chic these days Over the past few years, streetwear designers have created an influx of items that make fun of high-fashion overlords. Brands like Comme des Garçons, Chanel and Prada are on the receiving end of countless parodies in the form of hats, shirts and hoodies. Mocking everything from the brand's name to its logo, ironic fashion items are really having a moment See also: 9 Fashionable Wearables for the Sartorially Savvy While some people might not like the flood of Féline shirts fashioned after French label Céline, or the Burrrr beanies that poke fun at Burberry, silly, chic imitations are here to stay Read more...More about Fashion, Features, Chanel, Lifestyle, and Travel Leisure