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Why Al Gore Is Hopeful on Global Warming

Andrew Freedman
Al Gore is hopeful In fact, the Nobel Laureate, who has spent years solemnly sounding the alarm on global warming, now sounds positively chipper. In an interview with Mashable this week, he argued with the conviction of a barnstorming preacher that climate change has changed from a scientific issue to a grassroots social movement and expressed excitement that the cost of carbon-free energy sources are plunging to become competitive with fossil fuel prices. See also: This Is It: The Next 15 Years Will Seal the Fate of Earth's Climate This new, more ebullient Gore, who seemed somehow lighter on his feet, was also on display during “24 Hours of Reality,” his Climate Reality Project’s annual web-a-thon, which in past years has stuck mainly to countering climate science contrarianism. This year, it instead focused on aspirations and solutions. Read more...More about Climate Change, Global Warming, Al Gore, Us World, and Politics

6 Mouth-Watering Cheeseburger Recipes You Can't Swiss Out On

Laura Vitto
Swiss, blue cheese, Monterey Jack— it all tastes so much better when melted over a giant, juicy burger cooked on your very own home grill. In honor of National Cheeseburger Day on Sept. 18, chef Michael Ollier of Certified Angus Beef shared a few key grilling tips with Mashable. See also: 32 Hot Dog Recipes That Relish Every NFL Team 1. Marbling makes the burger. In a cut of beef, marbling refers to white flecks of meat that melt during cooking. According to Ollier, this bastes the meat from within which makes for juicy, flavorful burger patties 2. Creative ingredients are a must. To get the most out of your ground beef, flavor it with mixed spices while forming patties or stuff them with ingredients like caramelized onions or hot peppers. Unexpected toppings like pineapple or salsa are also one of the simplest ways to change up your burger recipes. Read more...More about List, Pics, Lists, Ugc, and Recipes

Artist Defines Untranslatable Words Through Charming Illustrations

Yohana Desta
There will never be an English translation for the word "razliubit." The Russian term means "to fall out of love, a bittersweet feeling." It's a heady concept, for which there is no direct equivalent in the English language. These are the kind of linguistic treats you'll read about in Ella Sanders' new book, Lost in Translation The UK-based writer and illustrator was working as an intern for Maptia last year when she was tasked with illustrating 11 untranslatable words. As far as internships go, it was a fun assignment among other regular fare, like "making serious amounts of tea and coffee, emailing too many people than was strictly necessary [and] compiling photo essays," Sanders, 21, tells Mashable via email. Read more...More about Books, English, Features, Languages, and Watercooler